School of Law
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The JD program is a three academic years program. However, the program can be completed at the student's own pace, allowing the student to earn the degree in considerably less time.

The JD program consists of 15 modules. 12 of the modules are the core curriculum and the student may choose any 3 additional modules to complete the course work. This will allow a student to concentrate in an area of interest. Mid-Atlantic Law utilizes the Gilbert Law Summaries as textbooks for modules.

The core curriculum is as follows:

No. Course Title
101 Legal Research, Writing & Analysis
102 Civil Procedure
103 Contracts
104 Criminal Procedures
105 Torts
106 Real Property
201 Evidence
202 Agency, Partnership & LLC's
203 Constitutional Law
204 Corporations
205 Remedies
206 Conflict of Laws

In addition, Mid Atlantic Law offers the following courses as electives and the JD student may choose any three to complete the JD degree program.

No. Course Title
303 Antitrust Law
304 Labor Law
305 Future Interests & Perpetuities
306 Taxation of Individuals
307 Personal Property
308 Community Property
309 Administrative Law
310 Taxation of Business Entities
311 Legal Ethics
312 Trusts
313 Secured Transactions
314 Commercial Paper & Payment Law
315 Sale & Lease of Goods
316 Securities Regulation
317 Bankruptcy
318 Wills
319 Accounting & Finance for Lawyers
320 Criminal Law
321 Estate & Gift Tax
322 Federal Courts