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Welcome to the website home of Mid-Atlantic School of Law, virtually located throughout the entire world.

Our goal is to offer a legal program that is available to everyone that has a desire to learn. Our premier program is the JD program or Doctor of Jurisprudence. All studies are through the Internet, home based on a flexible schedule, and students can work at their own pace. Our JD program is designed primarily to be a non-bar degree. It is designed to enhance an existing career or begin a new one. According to financial predictions from many forecasters we are facing challenging economic times in the near future. Earning a law degree is a perfect way to secure your job position, enhance your position, or begin a new career.

If you choose to begin a new career then there are literally hundreds if not thousands of professions that do not require a bar to practice. Just a few include sports agents, entertainment agents, arbitrators, mediators, administrators, positions in dispute resolution, labor relations, environmental concerns, civil rights, financial and banking specialists, human resource positions, marketing, insurance services, real estate services, intellectual property, education, and many management positions.

MASL has a very unique and refreshing approach to tuition. Students do not actually pay any fees until they complete each course or module. When they do complete the assignments he or she then submits the course work for grading. Assuming that the work is satisfactory the student then will receive an email, which gives the student the opportunity to pay for the module and at that time they receive credit for that module. A student may actually enroll in the program, take the first module, submit the work and if they decide not to pursue a legal education for whatever reason they can just not opt to get credit for the course and they haven't spent any money. This has replaced our "Try it First" program, as that program is not needed with our new system. So, you have nothing to lose by taking the first module, which is Legal Writing, Research, and Analysis. This is a course that everyone should have as it gives the student a very good understanding of our legal system. We invite you to enroll and take this first of 15 modules and see if a legal education is for you. A new textbook for the course is about $25 from a number of online sources such as amazon.com, etc. Used ones can be purchased for less than $10. See the Tuition page for further details.

We at MASL hope this is a pleasant experience for you. We are innovative in the field of legal education as well as on the cutting edge of online education. We are also very reasonably priced so that a legal education is affordable to everyone.

Enjoy your visit to MASL. If you have further questions then do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you and we wish you well with your legal education.
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